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It takes only 4 steps
It takes only 4 steps
Create Your Storyline
Our proprietary AI will guide Storytellers in compiling their particular stories.
Based on collected information AI will draw a chronological line of Storyteller’s life.
Step 1
Design your 3D Legacy Room
Users can choose from either pre-designed 3D spaces or custom-made Legacy Rooms whose design is only subject to the limits of one’s imagination.
Users will be able to fill their family tree structure.
Optionally, our partners’ DNA testing will match you with newfound relatives.
Step 2
Build Your Family Tree
Add ancestors to your visual family tree and find new family members with DNA tests
Users will be able to fill their family tree structure.
Optionally, our partners’ DNA testing will match you with newfound relatives.
Step 3
Store Legal Documents and Instructions
Compile important documents with legal and financial ramifications in one spot.
The platform will offer a secure storage of legal documents, eg. wills, trusts, property lists.
Account owner can set up access to these documents and information for pre-selected persons.
Step 4
Preserving your Legacy for the Future Generations
We can never be sure of what the future holds, but we all know and regret how family histories can get lost and how the special stories that make each family unique can disappear with the passing of generations.
Stories from Our Community
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“A very intriguing product for people who feel overwhelmed with the chaos of physical photographs lying around, and now millions of digital ones. I’m thrilled about having a place where I can start storing our family’s memories…”
Alice Conley
The most precious thing we have are our memories.
About us
A group of friends from Chicago & Prague created AfterGo with the belief that one’s legacy should not be left to chance. Our goal is to help preserve your legacy in the way you desire. With this goal in mind, the AfterGo team incorporates the latest technologies to guarantee the utmost security in perpetuity of the entrusted data.
AfterGo is a team of carefully selected individuals who possess the right mix of technical skills, business experience, and cultural sensitivity. Our scrupulous hiring process further ensures that we only bring on board people who share our values and are committed to our mission.
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